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My Family Doctor in Tallaght


Dr. María Pilar Galdón Blesa

  • Graduated from University of Navarra, 1998
  • Trained as a GP in Spain
  • Phd 2006. Autonomous University of Madrid
  • Working in Ireland since 2016
  • Fluent in English and Spanish

Médico español en Dublín.
Working here as a GP has been truly a gift. I feel so privileged to have met people from so many cultures and to be working alongside such a diverse group of colleagues. It has opened my eyes to the beauty of connecting and empathising with so many and has further confirmed the love I have for my vocation as a family doctor.
I love dancing and contemplating sunsets in the countryside while eating snacks with my family. I am married and I have five kids. I also have an acquarium with three lovely goldfish and three white cats in my village in rural Spain.